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From sameer <>
Subject Re: Survey information...and names for Apache
Date Fri, 01 Dec 1995 16:54:25 GMT
> > 
> > > Perhaps the way to go is to make it possible for Apache-SSL to be a proper
> Well, according to the notes on the case that EFF are bringing against the
> NSA and State Dept (remember - a few weeks back?) the stupid rule makers say
> that they do _not_ prevent hooks. So, presumably, they can't ask the Apache
> Group to remove them (not that they ever did).

	What they *say* and what they *do* are two entirely different
things. The NSA *has* put pressure on people to remove hooks to
crypto. Witness Kerberos Bones, NCSA/PGP&PEM support, etc.
	These guys are the NSA, they can do what they want. (They've
threatened to kill Jim Bidzos, even.)

> It seems to me that given that they have made this as an official statement
> the hooks should be no problem. Of course, their rules don't apply to me, so
> its easy for me to be relaxed!

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