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From Randy Terbush <>
Subject Re: Binary Release of 1.0
Date Fri, 01 Dec 1995 13:40:14 GMT

> Well... why do we include mod_log_referer when Configure kinda suggests
> not using it? Same with mod_log_agent... They all work and compile cleanly
> but we have to be consistant. If Configure is somewate against their
> use then the precompiled binaries shouldn't include them.

I think this has been mainly to discourage it's use.... Not because
it doesn't work.  Agreed that we need to be consistent, but I think
that if someone grabs a binary expecting this to work, we're going
to get bug reports which is what we are hoping to avoid by providing
a binary in the first place.

Unless you want to veto the inclusion of these modules, there are
enough people in agreement to allow us to move ahead. I mainly wanted
to know that you were ready to remake binaries when we officially
freeze the 1.0 source.

I would like to give the binary builders the go ahead before noon
CST in the US.  Please let me know.

> If agent/referer are considered "officially" OK, then +1 on them as
> well.

agent/referer are not listed as experimental which is one of the criteria
for being included in the binaries. I assume that the latest source
will have changed the cookies module from experimental status as was
suggested yesterday.

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