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From Paul Richards <>
Subject Re: Survey information...and names for Apache
Date Fri, 01 Dec 1995 11:17:14 GMT
In reply to sameer who said
> 	*BUT*, I think the fact that Apache is not developed by any
> single entity that can be threatened is a major plus. The NSA can't go
> to the Apache Group like they can to any other company and say "if you
> don't listen to us we won't let you do XXX", because the Apache Group
> does not *really* exist as a legal person, like a Corporation does.

Just a word of warning. The FreeBSD group doesn't exist either but when
the BSD lawsuit took place the AT&T lawyers just picked a handfull of
prominent individuals as being the responsible parties.

You don't *have* to move the official Apache site out of the US as long
as the SSL code isn't exported. A simpler alternative is for Ben to import
a diff of the SSL code at each new version and just merge it in. Ben does
the same at his end anyway.

As to the name, I think the SSL server should be called Apache. It *is*
Apache but with SSL added. To call it something completely different
would be confusing since it'll be configured and behave exactly the
same as Apache will and require the same (usually) fixes etc.

Also, you don't want Apache to vanish from the survey results just because
everyone starts using SSL :-)

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