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From Dean Gaudet <>
Subject Re: Number of Virtual Servers
Date Thu, 14 Dec 1995 20:50:20 GMT
In message <>, sameer writes:
>	It is, yes, but I fear the performance hit. For *every* hit on
>the web server you'll then have an open/write/close, rather than just
>a write.. 

You can cache open log handles.  Have a configuration directive
LogCacheSize, and a way to seed the cache in the parent httpd.  Then the
children just close something when they need a different handle.

Or use a single pipe() to a child which bursts up the logs.  But children
have a tendancy of dying prematurely.  This can more or less be done
already using | logs, but those still start up a task for each directive.
It has the advantage of real-time bursting... something I always find


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