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From (David Robinson)
Subject Re: Multiviews: errors in documentation (fwd)
Date Sun, 05 Nov 1995 16:28:00 GMT
>  Well, I've corrected the typo, but I don't know the answers to his
>  questions. For example, could some explain to me what
>  text/x-server-parsed-html3 is for???
>More tales from ancient days... it exists so that content negotiation
>can distinguish between SSI-bearing HTML2 and SSI-bearing HTML3 (so that
>only clients which accept HTML3 get the latter if the server has a choice).

Hmm. Is it useful anymore? Or is text/x-server-parsed-html; level=3
to be preferred?

A document with mime type text/x-server-parsed-html3 is returned to the
client with type simply text/html -- is this correct, or should it be
text/html3 or text/html; level=3?


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