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From (David Robinson)
Subject Re: local redirects
Date Fri, 03 Nov 1995 12:12:00 GMT
Rob wrote:
>What I think apache should be doing is..
>  if a "Location:" header is seen (alone or with other headers), and the
>destination starts with a "/", then do a local redirect to it... nothing
>more elaborate than that.

I think your recollection is wrong. What I wrote in my CGI specification
(based on NCSA 1.3 and Apache 0.6) was:

   This is used to specify to the server that the script is returning a
   reference to a document rather than an actual document. 
   The location value is either an absolute URI with optional fragment, as
   defined in RFC 1630 [1], or an absolute path and optional query-string. If
   an absolute URI is returned by the script, then the server will generate a
   redirect HTTP response message ... If the Location value is a path, then
   the server will generate the response that it would have produced in
   response to a request containing the URI 

      protocol "://" SERVER_NAME ":" SERVER_PORT rel-URL-abs-path 

   The Status header is used to indicate to the server what status code it
   should use in the response message. It should not be sent if the script
   returns a Location header. 

>The reason this is now an issue is that a user tried to do a local
>redirect from an asis file, but couldn't.

Did internal redirects from an asis file ever work? (It doesn't now.)


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