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From Mark J Cox <>
Subject Wishlist: Real Time Server Stats
Date Mon, 13 Nov 1995 08:23:48 GMT
>From: Mike Cowlishaw <mfc@VNET.IBM.COM>
>Subject: Effects of Persistent Connections
>(For live statistics on some of the above, try

----- Server [HTTP, port 80] -----
9828 transactions [9935 requests]
No errors
12 limits exceeded
113.13 Mbytes sent
3.84 Mbytes received
5 clients [peak 8]
Response time:  0.028s [average over 100]
Read wait time: 0.996s [average]
Client limit: 20
Watchdog timeout: 6000s [or 600s idle]
Connection maintain timeout: 25s
Startup wait timeout: 600s
Read header limit: 10kB
Read body limit: 50kB
Server name:
Offset from GMT: 0s
1995.11.13 08:17:15 now
1995.11.13 08:16:26 last return to idle
1995.11.08 11:19:22 last reset all
1995.11.08 11:19:22 GoServe for OS/2 2.45 started


I'd love to see something similar for Apache.  It is going to be 
tricky though to pass all that information around (each child is going
to have to tell the parent when it does things, the parent must be able
to be queried to return the stats).

Mark J Cox, -- URL:
University of Bradford, England ---------- tel +44.1274.384070/fax 391333

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