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From Brian Behlendorf <>
Subject .16 patch vote call
Date Sun, 19 Nov 1995 03:06:46 GMT

Here is the list of proposed patches for Apache 0.8.16.  Please test the 
patches out and submit a vote for them by 6pm GMT Tuesday, November 
21st.  At that point the patch votes will be tallied by myself and 
posted, and Rob Thau will build 0.8.17.  The patches are all in 
/httpd/patches/for_Apache_0.8.16/.  Please refer to for further details on voting.

Here is the vote list and summary of each patch.

  From: (David Robinson) 
  Subject: Fix big in system time routines in CGI scripts 
  Affects: util_script.c 
  ChangeLog: Pass TZ environment variable to CGI scripts

  From: (David Robinson)
  Subject: Fix problems with .. and ./ in paths
  Affects: util.c
  ChangeLog: Rewrite getparents() to conform to RFC 1808, including the removal
           of ./ from the path.

  From: (David Robinson)
  Subject: Fix problems with ///
  Affects: util.c
  ChangeLog: no2slash() should convert /// -> /

  From: (David Robinson)
  Subject: Fix problems with //
  Affects: http_request.c
  ChangeLog: Redirect a request that contains // in the file name of the

  From: (David Robinson)
  Subject: Fix IdentityCheck with Virtual Hosts
  Affects: http_main.c, util.c
  ChangeLog: Ensure that rfc931() is given a sockaddr describing the local
          address (virtual host) that is currently in use.
  Comments: Before this patch, rfc931() was passed as the local 
	  address; on some systems bind() managed to correctly choose the IP 
	  address for the virtual host currently in use!

  From: Rob H
  Subject: Bug fix for group authorisation checking
  Affects: mod_auth_dbm.c
  Changelog: Check all groups not just the first one

  From: RobH
  Subject: tweak dbmmanage to take optional "group" info
  Affects: dbmmanage perl script
  Changelog: dbmmanage perl script added support for "group" in password db and
    0/1 exit status when used in the "view" mode.

  Subject: string comparison problems with access control
  Affects: mod_access.c
  ChangeLog: this makes sure that "allow from"
    doesn't allow in anyone from, even though the last eight 
    characters of the DNS name match.  Since IP-address matching is done 
    on strings, there is a similar problem with it, which is also 

  Subject: Fix CGI timeouts in SSI's from causing problems
  Affects: http_main.c
  Changelog: Correctly log transactions which timed out while processing a 
    sub_request, or after an internal redirect

  Subject: Mod_Imap causes server error if no arguments
  Affects: mod_imap.c 
  Changelog: Internal imagemap module no longer fails when called by
    clients that don't support image maps.  It uses the "default" URL for 
    these clients. 

  From: ???
  Subject: fixes core dump in use of "auth" with no "requires". 
  Affects: mod_auth.c
  ChangeLog: Makes use of auth with no "requires" equivalent to "require
	The former behavior was a core dump.

  From: ???
  Subject: Correctly support EXTRA_LIBS and OS-dependent libs (AUX_LIBS)
  Affects: Configuration Makefile.tmpl
  Changelog: EXTRA_LIBS was used for two separate purposes in Configuration,
        firstly, to provide libraries needed by modules, and secondly, to
        provide OS-dependent libraries need globally by Apache. The second
        use defeats the first, so a new variable, AUX_LIBS is introduced to
        handle the second use.

  From: Rob Hartill
  Subject: a monitoring program for watching httpd
  Affects: nothing
  Changelog: independent Perl script to monitor the child Apache 

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