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From Brian Behlendorf <>
Subject message posted to c.i.w.s.u related to commercial support
Date Mon, 13 Nov 1995 03:00:39 GMT

I just sent this.  I'm also going to send a copy to apache-users, on 
which there are now 71 people.


Newsgroups: comp.infosystems.www.announce,comp.infosystems.www.servers.unix
Subject: NEEDED: Commercial Tech Support For Apache

For those individuals or companies wishing to use Apache to support
commercial or mission-critical tasks, the biggest element missing from the
project is reliable, timely support for the software.  The Apache project is
all-volunteer based, so even though we answer support questions and bug
reports as fast as we can, we feel there does exist a market for companies
wishing to sell support.  Having a phone number to call for rapid assistance
is a big insurance policy, exactly the reason why none of our phone numbers
are on the contributors pages (which doesn't stop everyone :).

We would like to establish a database of these companies willing to provide
support onto a page on the Apache web site <URL:>.  If
you or your company is willing and interested in providing these services, 
please send me a piece of mail with the following information:

Company Name
Company URL
URL of page describing Apache services
E-mail address for inquiries
Phone Number
Fax Number
City, State, Nation

We will leave details such as price or contracting models up to the page
describing Apache services.  It is recommended that support be sold in time
increments (i.e., a flat charge for 6 months of service, etc.).

This will be compiled into a randomly-sorted list on a page that will be
prominently linked to from the Apache home page.  As the number of vendors
increases, we reserve the right to organize by nation or state.

It is expected that individuals from the companies which provide these
services also join the Apache development group, be well-versed enough in C
and Apache internals to distinguish a bug from a misconfiguration, and
provide not only bug reports but hopefully bug fixes, portability
enhancements, and help improve documentation.  It is *certainly* in these
companies' interests to make Apache easier to set up and maintain, and more

So all you web consulting companies, let's hear from you!


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