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From Brian Behlendorf <>
Subject commercial support for apache
Date Tue, 07 Nov 1995 06:11:14 GMT

Not to break the bug-squishing conversations, but it occured to me that 
something which could help "legitimize" Apache in the eyes of 
commercial/large users, or even encourage companies to support apache by 
dedicating engineer time to it, would be to establish a list of companies 
who are willing to provide commercial support for apache.  "Support" 
being defined as a time-based contract for timely answers to installation 
questions, operation questions, perhaps even handling bug reports, with 
the expectation that at least one member from each company would become 
Apache developer group members.  This would fit into the business model of 
companies like Cygnus.  The list of companies would be a simple database 
- perhaps with CGI-scripted rotating listing order.  Anyways, it would 
add horsepower to the debugging process and free us up to focus on new 
functionality.  This is not to replace making the documentation on the 
home pages first-rate - in fact it's in these company's interests to have 
good documentation on the site.  

So, anyone mind if I draft this and send it to various newsgroups?  


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