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From Alexei Kosut <>
Subject Modules and distribution and stuff
Date Wed, 22 Nov 1995 06:01:06 GMT

With 1.0 coming up soon (right?), and new features soon, something we 
might want to think about is the handling of modules, and what's included 
in the Apache distribution. Currently, we have four 'sets' of modules:

a) basic modules, those that come with the server, and are in the first
batch in the Configuration file, uncommented and usually always installed.

b) "Modules which implement Apache extensions". The second batch of the 
Configuration file. As of now, asis, imap and dbm.

c) The experimental stuff. This also comes with the server, but commented 

d) Modules in Don't come 
with the server. Gee.

IMO, this needs some cleanup. I think we should get rid of b and c. For 
one thing, the distinction between a and b seems very hazy to me. Why is 
asis in b but content negotiation in a? They're both "Apache extensions", 
content negotation much more so than asis files. It seems an artitrary 
line to me. Besides, anyone who wouldn't want these features will 
presumably also not want some of the others, and therefore needs to be 
smart enough to realize that the line that says "cgi_module" controls CGI 
and the one called "imap_module" controls imagemaps. Right?

As for c, I don't think outright experiments belong in the distribution
anyhow.  Test them, make them work, they get voted on (three +1s to add a
new module, I'd imagine, just like any other patch), and if they like
them, they go in and are uncommented by default. Otherwise, they can be 
rewritten and submitted again, put in contrib/modules, or just eaten by 
the author.

Oh, and I'm still waiting for somebody to move one of my Action modules
(mod_actions.c probably) from /httpd/incoming to contrib/modules. *cough*.

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