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From Alexei Kosut <>
Subject Thoughts on userdir
Date Mon, 20 Nov 1995 00:03:13 GMT
Hi folks...

Ignore this message if you're not interested in post-1.0 feature stuff. 
Me, I'm hoping we can get there as soon as possible, but anyhow.

In the last month, at least two patches to mod_userdir.c have been 
forwarded to this list from c.i.w.s.u or apache_bugs that add the
functionality of allowing a full path to be specified in the UserDir 
directive, and using that as a base for the file, instead of the user's 
shell in the passwd file. In fact, when I first joined this list however 
long ago, I presented such a patch. As I recall, rst mentioned that at 
his location somewhere, they used a similar system, but where there was
additional path information after the user id, and reccomended that a 
userdir module be written that could do this as well. It's a good 
idea, but no one ever did.

So I am. I've rewritten mod_userdir.c, for possible inclusion as a 
post-1.0 feature addition. But what I'm writing this letter for is to 
inquire as to whether there are any additional possibile additions that 
would be handy. Namely, currently my mod_userdir can do the following 

with: UserDir www (current behavior)
GET /~bob/foo.html -> ~bob/www/foo.html

with: UserDir /usr/local/www
GET /~bob/foo.html -> /usr/local/www/bob/foo.html

with: UserDir /home/%/www
GET /~bob/foo.html -> /home/bob/www/foo.html

And I'm asking... what else should it do? Anyone have any ideas?
Thanks very much.

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