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From Brian Behlendorf <>
Subject votes on current patches
Date Sun, 19 Nov 1995 05:43:15 GMT

Compiled on SGI with sgi's cc, Solaris with Sun's cc, Solaris with gcc, and
BSDI with gcc.  I was getting problems with our gcc on SGI but our
installation may be fucked up, regular SGI cc works fine.  Also, Sun's 
ccp seems to not like the semantics of "&& BSD > 199305" in a #if, as in 
line 652 of mod_include.c.  Hmm... Anyways:

+1 	40_tz.0.8.16.patch
	However, this is only set if "TZ" is an environment variable already 
	- isn't there a way to get it from the system directly?

+1	41_getparents.0.8.16.patch

+1 	42_cert.no2slash.0.8.16.patch
	Though I would *much* prefer to see a redirect to the "corrected" 
	url rather than just serving the file.

0	43_slashredir.0.8.16.patch
+1	43a_slashredir.0.8.16.patch

+1	44_ident.0.8.16.patch
	I don't use ident, but I have verified that ident works on BSDI.
	Of course, if it doesn't work right on Linux or NeXT, it shouldn't 
	get added, but that's for the Linux or next folks to veto. :)

+1	45_dbm_groups.0.8.16.patch

+1	46.dbmmanage_group.0.8.16.patch
	*IF* the release builder can modify the "usage" documentation to mention
	this enhancement.

+1	47.allow.0.8.16.patch
+1	48.log-ssi.0.8.16.patch
+1	50.imagemap.0.8.16.patch
	Note - didn't apply cleanly, but it's clear where the change is.

+1	51.requires.0.8.16.patch
+1	52.extralibs.0.8.16.patch
+1	53.README_enhancement.0.8.16.patch

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