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From Ben Laurie <>
Subject Re: Path extensions. Apache 1.0.0
Date Thu, 30 Nov 1995 18:04:18 GMT
> I am not sure when this got broken, (or fixed, depending at how
> you look at it), but version 1.0.0x does barf at
>      /images/something.gif/silly/path/extras
> when $(DOCROOT)/images/something.gif is a flat file, it works
> fine if something.gif happens to be a script, i.e. then the
> 'silly/path/extras' get passed fine.
> This causes some NCSA and Apache 0.8.x things to break.
> I am not going to advocate wether the 'silly/path/extras'
> is allowed or not for a flat file, but I really think that
> it is not up to the server to barf on it :-)

Well, someone has to. And this was debated extensively at the time. The
consensus was that the server _was_ responsible for rejecting this. I would be
prepared to contemplate making it optional, but it seems to me that the
Web is a confusing enough place without allowing an infinite number of URLs for
every entity.



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