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From Andrew Wilson <>
Subject Re: fairy nuff
Date Wed, 29 Nov 1995 22:19:09 GMT

> Rob Hartill writes:
> > Nobody supported my suggestion to move 1.0 online today. So it's
> > business as usual.
> ...
> > Wake me up when you decide to do something,
> I think the Apache Group should change the model for release
> management.  The group consensus thing just isn't very efficient.
> There should be two or three of the most active people responsible
> for the release.  Those people should take input from the
> group and then make the call on when and what to release.

Given that few if any of the most vocal amongst us have anything that
anyone might recognise as spare time I think we're doing rather well.

> For major issues, someone could do a call for votes -- but any call
> for votes should have an explicit expiration date and time.

There is already a 'structure' to the principal of voting which we
follow for the most part.  Perhaps all the people on this list are not
aware of the process.  If you're not, or if you'd like to refresh your
memory take a quick (no, I *really* mean thorough) look at:

and specifically:

> Also, there should be an Apache Release Status web page that tells the
> group the current status, issues, and what they need to be working on.

We call *this* at the moment ;)  If you'd like
to propose and implement a mechanism that further facilitates any
aspect of the development of this project then you're very welcome to
do so and can reasonably expect engouragement (at least not active

Ay. [who can always, mysteriously, find time to write e-mail...]

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