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From "Dirk.vanGulik" <>
Subject 1.0.0, mSQL and other modules
Date Fri, 24 Nov 1995 18:35:41 GMT

I finally had the time to build and test the 1.0.0.x
server extensively. My compliments, compiles out of
the box and works perfect. 5 brownie points for that
manual as well !

I also had the time to get migrate our stuff into it.

I've uploaded into

Three modules. They have been fairly well field tested on
a server with a serious load.

mSQL	-	Support of mSQL databases for user/group

map	-	URI level remapping, to map the '', '/' and '/.'
		uri's to something like /free_access/home.html
		and to do renames on URI level. 
		This is essential under some security schemes.

		Mother /free/home.html	
		Rename /some.gif /free/some.gif

ano	-	Allow anonymous+email log in

meta	-	Implements a 'META' http command, works in much
		the same way as get, however it picks up a file
		called 'blah.meta' rather than blah.html *or*
		strips out a header from blah.html which does
		not get send when you do a GET.

Feel free to abuse. Comment/feedback *much* appreciated. If there
is a marked for the mSQL, I have a small internal tutorial and some perl
scripts which I might be allowed to make public.

But again, my compliments for the excelent product.


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