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From Rob Hartill <>
Subject 1.0 binaries
Date Wed, 22 Nov 1995 10:31:37 GMT

I installed 1.0.0 on my own machine. No problems. I'll put it on
our main server later.

I'm building a HPUX binary for distribution now, so let me get this

I should,

  only edit "Configuration" such that it uses the right compiler/ld flags.
    [changing none of the modules configs commenting/uncommenting]



  rm *.o

  mv httpd httpd-hpux

  cd ../..

  tar cvf apache_1.0.0-hpux-9.07.tar apache_1.0.0

  gzip apache_1.0.0-hpux-9.07.tar

then upload to hyperreal.

Is there any reason not to do "strip httpd" too ?


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