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From Andrew Wilson <>
Subject Re: Modules and distribution and stuff
Date Wed, 22 Nov 1995 15:26:37 GMT
[good stuff about modules snipped gratuitously]
> Oh, and I'm still waiting for somebody to move one of my Action modules
> (mod_actions.c probably) from /httpd/incoming to contrib/modules. *cough*.

Done.  What is the status of mod_action.c (no 's'), who owns that?

Note that the modules in contrib all carry the old (pre 16) licence
headers.  The issues are:

1)	do modules 'bequeathed' (good word!) to Apache Group get their
	licence headers updated whenever the main code gets changed?

2)	do modules carrying their authors *own* licence headers (there
	are none) get the licence scrubbed and the Apache one put in its
	place (!).

+1	we (I) update the exiting contrib'd modules so that they carry the
	.16 licence header.

As for (2) I dunno what's best, I'm inclined to think that contributed
stuff should be resubmitted with the new headers inserted by the authors
rather than have someone messing with their code (albeit comments) behind
their backs.


> --/ Alexei Kosut <> /--------/ Lefler on IRC


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