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From Andrew Wilson <>
Subject Re: My votes (again).
Date Mon, 20 Nov 1995 16:08:37 GMT
David R:
> >-1 43_slashredir.0.8.16.patch --- I've already explained my reasons for
> >   this at *great* length.  In brief:
> >
> >   I agree that there is a gotcha here for the unwary, but 43a fixes
> >   that without causing any new problems, and this patch *does* cause
> >   new problems.
> I don't appreciate this FUD crap.

1)	'Fear Uncertainty and Doubt'.  It's what stops you buying a new
car when you know that the model will be upgraded in 3 months anyway.
So for another 3 months you put up with a heap of crap, and when the
time comes to buy your new car it really wasn't worth the wait.

2)	A useful marketing ploy.  "We're gonna release some kuhl software
RSN, don't buy the other guy's stuff till you've seen ours", cf. vaporware.

3)	Fud, Elmer.  Noted cartoon character from the Warner Bros stable.
Reputedly based upon a star of contemporary American humourous
entertainment, now a derogetory synonym for person, persons or some
other agent which is perceived to stifle or otherwise hinder the
development or acceptance of new ideas.

> There are no problems known to me caused by this patch.

Perhaps rst could summarise his concerns.  Though he may already have
done this in the list's archive.  I'll admit that some days it's all I
can do to find time to 'file' this list, let alone read it ;)

>  David.


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