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From Andrew Wilson <>
Subject Looking for identd
Date Mon, 20 Nov 1995 15:06:43 GMT
Mark C:
> +0	44_ident.0.8.16.patch (Can't test this)

Mmm, anyone know where to get a decent PD ident for SunOS?  There's a
thing called pidentd (or some such), that FreeBSD has in its ports
directory.  Just checked my works SunOS and it's ident'less. Mmm...

[2 minutes surfing...]

Ok, try Peter Eriksson's pidentd package.  Peter is also the author of
phttpd, a PD multi threading webserver!  pidentd is shipped as part of
FreeBSD's CDrom dist.

You'll also need to go root and mess with yer /etc/services and
/etc/inetd.conf.  Easy...

> Mark


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