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From (Garey Smiley)
Subject Re: OS/2 Notes.
Date Sun, 19 Nov 1995 13:56:04 GMT
On Sun, 19 Nov 1995 17:54:11 +0000 (GMT) you wrote:

>> Add "htm" to "text/html" in the default mime.types. May OS/2 users are
>> using Apache to replace a product called OS2HTTPD (a port of NCSA 1.3)
>> that defaulted to requiring "htm" extension not "html."
>What's wrong with AddType in srm.conf?  There's an example there already.

Either would work the mime.types seemed the better place to me.

>> Add some links from the Apache home pages to the Apache for OS/2 pages
>> ( Just to let people know the OS/2
>> version exists. If you get a chance please take a look at these pages
>> and let me know what you think.
>Mmm, nice logo.  The logo refers explicitly to the 'Apache HTTP Server 
>Project' and to the untutored eye this looks like the authoratative 
>home-page for the whole project.
>I'd argue that the logo should *only* be used on the
>home page, and that some different image should be used...

If this group can give me some sort of guide I'll be happy to complie.

>The OS/2 page duplicates some aspects of the homepage.
>	[
>	the official Apache Project site maintains the following 
>	information. 
>         Background Information
>         Server Documentation
>         Project Library
>         The Apache FAQ
>         Apache Project Contributors 
>	and is mirrored in Austria, Australia, Poland, and the Czech 
>	Republic. 
>	]
>Again I think it's best to replace that with a link to the
>homepage rather than attempt to provide a summary.  You then don't need to
>waste any time updating your page set when the page set

Several links to the exist. The summary was
mostly to let peolpe know that they should look to that site for more
detailed information.

>I think there should be a link from the page set to the
>OS/2 port information.  Where to put it is a separate question.
>	[see following post...]
>> Come up with some default documents to distribute with Apache. This
>> way beginners will have some documents to startout with and when we
>> are trying to diagnose their problems we know they have valid html
>> files. The documentation at would be an easy solution.
>Do you mean 'local' documentation (something to read if they're
>not connected to the net, perhaps served through your home webserver), or
>a fake document set forming part of an acceptance test suite - to be
>sure that your newly installed system is working properly.

I think including a docs directory with a default index.html file that
welcomes them to using Apache plus a link to a docs/apachedocs
directory that contains the apache documentation. A test suite could
probably come latter.

>> If and/or when we start working on forms and scripts to automate the
>> configuration of Apache write the scripts in perl. OS/2 has ports of
>> both perl 4 and 5. I would also like to volunteer to work on this.
>Feel free I guess ;)  NCSA are working on some kind of forms
>configuration doo-dah already I understand.  Can you steal stuff
>from them if it's useful ;)  It might be worth making a plea to likeminded
>people on the lists, I'm sure someone's already done the work.
>If you download the Netsite server (for a 60 day trial) you can get some
>clues from the interface that comes with their system.

Thanks for the info I'll take a look at Netsite.

Garey Smiley
SoftLink Services
(216)848-1312 FAX/Data(216)699-4474

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