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From Andrew Wilson <>
Subject Re: Interesting paper on performance...
Date Tue, 14 Nov 1995 18:36:01 GMT
>   These reports are just bullshit.
> Oh, come on, Andrew.  While I do think performance concerns are somewhat
> overemphasized in the community in general (after all, NCSA 1.3 serves 
> most of its users just fine, and we all know how slow that was), the 
> results of the study (that using a server API instead of CGI is worth
> nearly a factor of two in performance at saturation loads) are completely
> believable.

I agree.

> Of course, they're not the only server out there which *has* an API,
> but marketing our server is not their problem.  The study was done to
> test the performance impact of *one* API, in *one* server

I can read.

> , and the
> results of that test look perfectly sensible to me.  Let's not toss
> around invective without due cause.

Let's not.  This list should not be used for offering uninformed
critique of the marketing and management methods of other
organisations, which was admittedly my own agenda.

> rst

Hey I'm British, smileys are implicit. ;)


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