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From sameer <>
Subject Re: Survey information...and names for Apache
Date Thu, 30 Nov 1995 23:39:25 GMT
> > If Apache ever officially supports SSL, then the only code
> > tree difference between my product and apache would be the ability to
> > use commercially within the US legally,
> What would it take to get officially supported SSL into Apache?

	In order for SSL hooks in Apache to be official I think the
following is necessary:

A) Primary Apache ftp site is outside the US
B) Warnings that commercial use of the SSL hooks are illegal within the US
C) Changes to apache to support os_conn * rather than FILE *, by default.
D) More limitations on redistribution (no nuclear weapons use,
basically, as outlined by Ben's distribution rules.)

	Ideally the SSL support would not be defined by #ifdefs but by
a config option in httpd.conf.. I didn't think that a major issue
because netscape uses different binaries for httpd and httpsd, so I
figured that the major competiton uses the different binaries, I may
as well use different binaries too. It would make for a much cleaner
product though.
	I'd volunteer the time to coordinate the SSL portion of post
1.0.0 apache, but unfortunately I am within the US. I suppose Ben
could do it, if he is willing. (Given though that my primary business
after February will be encryption/security, spending time developing
apache's SSL would count as part of my "employment", so I could afford
the time.)

> It seems silly to splinter Apache into "related projects" if there's
> no real reason to do so.
	I agree.

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