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From sameer <>
Subject pb/apache logo and naming
Date Thu, 30 Nov 1995 21:40:36 GMT
	I hope this message doesn't get lost in the 1.0.0 release
madness. ;-)

	I need to find a name to release my commercial Apache/SSL
under. I can't just call it Apache/SSL because that is too generic,
would lend to confusion between my package which includes support,
commmercial licensing, etc. and the patches that Ben is making
available as Apache/SSL without commercial licensing (of course for
the UK the issue of commercial licensing is rather moot.)
	I *could* go with the marketing viewpoint and pick an
inaccurate name like "Apache Secure", but that would be lame, so I'm
thinking about "Apache/Encrypt+". 
	Would you have a problem with me releasing a product under
that name? It would be Apache 1.0.0 with SSLeay, RSAREF, Ben's
patches, my mods to his patches, and my additional extensions to make
Apache/SSL easy to use/install/etc. If you have any better ideas for a
name that would be appreciated. I'd like to make it obvious that this
isn't an official apache group project, but I can't call it somethong
other than 'apache'.

	My other question is do you have a problem with my modifiying
the pb_apache graphic to say Apache/SSL ?

I also noticed that in related_projects, it says that the apache/ssl
is free for noncommercial and commercial use. You probably want to
change that to say free for non-commercial/commercial use *outside the
us*., as RSADSI and Cylink's patents are (hopefully not for much
longer) valid within the US.

sameer						Voice:   510-601-9777
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