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From (Jeremie Miller)
Subject Re: Apache slowness (was Re: fairy nuff)
Date Thu, 30 Nov 1995 19:39:50 GMT
>Rob Hartill liltingly intones:
>> > As an initial workaround for Jeremie, he may want to run Apache with 
>> > MaxRequestsPerChild set to a nonzero value, unless he has already tried
>> > running it that way. 100-200 should do the trick. That seems to alleviate
>> > the problem here. I'll know a bit later today for sure.
>> 100 - 200   wow, now there's confidence for you.
>> If things start breaking, the usual reaction is 
>> to push MaxRequestsPerChild down  :-)
>Real confidence is running it at 0 as we have done here normally for
>BSDI 2.x. 8^) I currently have it at 1000, as 100 was not letting me
>clearly see if apache resident sizes were growing unusually. Jeremie's
>hit rates should let him get by with 100 or so. 100 here seemed to make
>the syndrome disappear.

The workaround for us is simply to use 0.8.14, which we have no problems
with.  Our current MaxRequestsPerChild is 30, sound reasonable?

Jeremie Miller

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