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From Rob Hartill <>
Subject Re: fairy nuff
Date Thu, 30 Nov 1995 09:37:04 GMT
> Ok.
> What's the problem that is holding us up?
> The system binaries are a complete shambles. We should give up on them:

No, but I agree with you that they needn't hold up the release of the

> 1. Release of a 1.0.0 source distribution to go ahead now.
> 2. Discussion of a binary release to proceed separately, with agreement on
>    binary distribution to be achieved by 1.1 at the latest.
> Thus I amend Rob's timetable as follows:
> 1. Everyone stop building binaries now.
> 2. We build a final source distribution (including manual) by tomorrow.
>    (Preferably by end of today.)
> 3. We allow three working days for the distribution to be propogated to
>    mirror and archive (NCSA, sunsite) sites, and for the online documentation
>    to be finalised.
> 4. We announce the new release.
> We shall do it my way, unless someone else can convince me their way 
> is better.

I second this.   +1

Back to the binaries. My boss asked me the other day how popular
Apache was (thinking 1.0 had been released weeks ago {hmm, I wonder
where he got that idea from :-)  }). He thought that NCSA would
continue to dominate the server "market" because they offered binaries
(which he knew we didn't (yet)).

Binaries are needed. I've had direct requests for binaries. People do
want them. Some bozo at HP was threatening to bad mouth Apache
in his "small company" because he couldn't compile it and there wasn't
a binary available for him to pick up. I shut that clown up, but if
someone from HP can't use their own compiler, or find local help to
compile the thing, you can imagine the trouble other bozos^H^H^H^H^Husers
will face.

It would be very interesting to find out how many people use the
NCSA binaries. I doubt if there are any figures for this, and there's
no way to check from Andy's (Netcraft's) server survey. Some time ago
I suggested we name the binaries differently so that we could spot them
using HEAD. Can we do this please?

Apache 1.0.0*
Apache 1.0.0x
Apache 1.0.0(precompiled)
Apache 1.0.0(binary)

or something similar.


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