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From Randy Terbush <>
Subject Re: fairy nuff
Date Wed, 29 Nov 1995 18:05:10 GMT
Hmmm. I missed that Rob. I'm ready. Things are solid.
I had thought that Brian was prepared to make the announcement.
If we are just waiting for someone to do it, lets..

Things that could be on the list...

Installing the icon suggestions. (rather not patch any config
files at this point)

Moving the does into a docs subdirectory.
(should be done, means repackaging binaries..)

Writing an announcement

(what else)

> Nobody supported my suggestion to move 1.0 online today. So it's
> business as usual.
> The sad thing was that nobody offered a list of things to do and
> timetables to do them. So we're just going to sit around doing
> nothing until the next person's release suggestion gets ignored.
> Wake me up when you decide to do something,
> rob

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