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From "Aram W. Mirzadeh" <>
Subject WWW Form Bug Report: "file transfer" on Linux
Date Mon, 27 Nov 1995 14:53:09 GMT

Has anyone seen this problem?  I tried it, with 3.4 MB file, and it
worked fine.  No ack sent yet.

>Date: Fri Nov 24 22:57:29 1995
>Subject: WWW Form Bug Report: "file transfer" on Linux
>Operating system: Linux, version: 
>Extra Modules used: 
>URL exhibiting problem: 
>When I am logged by modem, after something like
>1.5Mb of transfer of a HREF to a .mov file it
>stops.  The file is 4Mb... I only receive 1.5Mb.
>This is appening to me a lots of other people
>logged by modem.  If I use ws_ftp, there is no
>problem???  Could it be the MaxRequestsPerChild
>that is not 'respected'?  After 30 requests it
>would die and not wait until the transfer is done?
>I beleive it is working fine by 'ethernet'
Aram W. Mirzadeh, MIS Manager, Qosina Corporation,
Apache httpd server team

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