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From (Robert S. Thau)
Subject 0.8.17 and 1.0 builds...
Date Wed, 22 Nov 1995 15:32:35 GMT
I've uploaded spins of the result of this patch vote to the httpd/dist     
directory on hyperreal.  There are actually two of 'em --- one is the
apache_0.8.17 files, which identify themselves as 0.8.x releases; the
others are the apache_one.tar* files, which should identify themselves
as 1.0.0 (and also include Randy's other requested change, to the
SERVER_SUPPORT URL, in httpd.h).  

(The idea is that we might want to give it a public outing as 0.8.17
while we build 1.0.0 binary releases).

NB this does not include any items which came up *after* the end of
the patch vote... it would be easy enough to spin another apache_one
which includes David's revision to 44 --- if there is a *clear* 
consensus in favor of that.  Given the awkwardness in timing, though
(I'm taking off for a trip in a couple of hours, and will be in
intermittent email contact at best for a couple of days after that),
I may wind up just uploading an apache_one_x spin with the cleanup,
and letting people pick whichever.


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