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From sameer <>
Subject LogFormat directives for apache/ssl
Date Mon, 20 Nov 1995 23:33:52 GMT
	I've been doing logging in apache/ssl and came up with the
following proposed additions to the LogFormat directive to support
SSL-parameter logging. I'd like to know if my directives seem

 * The argument to LogFormat is a string, which can include literal
 * characters copied into the log files, and '%' directives as follows:
 * %...h:  remote host
 * %...l:  remote logname (from identd, if supplied)
 * %...u:  remote user (from auth; may be bogus if return status (%s) is 401)
 * %...t:  time, in common log format time format
 * %...r:  first line of request
 * %...s:  status.  For requests that got internally redirected, this
 *         is status of the *original* request --- %...>s for the last.
 * %...b:  bytes sent.
 * %...{Foobar}i:  The contents of Foobar: header line(s) in the request
 *                 sent to the client.
 * %...{Foobar}o:  The contents of Foobar: header line(s) in the reply.
 * Additional SSL directives:
 * %...{cipher}c:  cipher used (SSL_get_cipher)
 * %...{clientcert}c: client certificate information
 * %...{errcode}c: X509 verify error code
 * %...{errstr}c: X509 verify error string

	the "c" means "crypto" or "cipher".

	Any better ideas will be welcomed and implemented.
sameer						Voice:   510-601-9777
Community ConneXion				FAX:     510-601-9734
The Internet Privacy Provider			Dialin:  510-658-6376 (or login as "guest")

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