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From Randy Terbush <>
Subject Re: binary build question
Date Mon, 20 Nov 1995 20:58:15 GMT
> What do people feel about this addition to the document about binary 
> builds:
> <B>Compiling:</B> The GNU C compiler (gcc) should be used whenever possible,
> and with the -g flag set, so that we can ask people using binaries to provide
> a backtrace if a coredump occurs. 
> 	Brian

I think that the chances of someone who uses a binary
distribution being able to run (or having acces to) gdb is slim.
I also think that the performance penalty would not be worth it.
For the architectures that are supplying gcc binaries, it is
possible to at least get an idea of the routine we died in
without symbol tables in the binary.


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