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From sameer <>
Subject Re: Thoughts on userdir
Date Mon, 20 Nov 1995 00:38:30 GMT
	From the tone of your note it seems that you have gotten the
impression that I was attacking your idea. I'm not. I'm just offering
my input and suggestions. I said "potentially confusing", not

> I don't think it's confusing. I think using the same directive for them 
> all makes a lot of sense.
> > UserPath /usr/local/www/%s
> Now wait a minute... this isn't printf. In my email I said "%" and I mean 
> "%". I see no reason for the s.

	Right, it's not printf. Perhaps %s isn't a good idea.. but a
plain % isn't very standard. some sort of thing similar to the
%{content-type}o stuff that is used in the LogFormat directive would
perhaps be useful. Settling on a standard for this sort of stuff and
being consistent is a good idea. A plain '%' isn't standard.

> Yes, but there is a question of idiot-proofing, and just in general 
> making things simple for the end user. It's a very little extra bit of 
> code to use, and many people *will* type in
> UserDir /usr/local/www
> and expect it to work as I've outlined.

	good point.

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