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From Andrew <>
Subject Re: exectype negotiation
Date Sun, 19 Nov 1995 22:17:47 GMT
> Had a brainstorm...
> I would like to implement exectype negotiation in much the
> same way as language negotiation.  I would appreciate some
> feedback about this.
> Creating an execution type config for the server:
> Exectype	sunos_4
> This would allow you to have:
> index.sunos_4.cgi
> index.netbsd.cgi
> You could then share/mirror document trees between different architectures.

Is this the same thing as having two webservers (one bsd, the other solaris say)
sharing the same docuent root over NFS?  I guess that you'd need a different
set of compiled CGI-BIN scripts for each architecture.  So they're not sharing
the /cgi-bin/ directory, rather there's a 

	ScriptAlias /cgi-bin/ /usr/local/httpd/cgi-bin.sunos_4/

on one server's conf files and a

	ScriptAlias /cgi-bin/ /usr/local/httpd/cgi-bin.netbsd/

sitting on another.  Is this right?  Are you looking for a way to build a
server farm from a set of machines with dissimilar architectures?

Mmm, seems like you're looking for a solution that allows *.cgi files
to sit anywhere under the document root and not just in scriptaliased
directories.  In which case I guess that each server would have different
DefaultExecType settings in it's conf files.  eg for the sunos box your conf
file would have:

	<Directory /usr/local/httpd/htdocs>
	DefaultExecType sunos_4

All yer published URLs could be of the form:

and all you'd do is make sure that you've got a:


What sort of URLs do you envisage your server(s) receiving in these
circumstances.  And what do you do if the relevent *.<arch>.cgi isn't

Can you see a way to have the same functionality, but using MultiViews?

> Should I hang this in mod_negotiation.c?


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