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From Randy Terbush <>
Subject Re: votes on current patches
Date Sun, 19 Nov 1995 19:12:54 GMT
Brian sez:
> +1 	40_tz.0.8.16.patch
> 	However, this is only set if "TZ" is an environment variable already 
> 	- isn't there a way to get it from the system directly?

Hmm. Good point. I check and *none* of the machines I run servers on
set TZ. I've uploaded a patch (40a_tz.0.8.16.patch) that will get this
value from the system. The patch works on both SunOS4.1.3 and NetBSD1.1.
The value is CST for these machines. The only machine I found in my
stable that sets this are the HPsUX machines. However they set CST6CDT.
What do we expect this to be? I have not checked to see what this code
will pull from the tz struct.

+0	40_tz.0.8.16.patch
+1	40a_tz.0.8.16.patch

+1	41_getparents.0.8.16.patch
+1 	42_cert.no2slash.0.8.16.patch
0	43_slashredir.0.8.16.patch
+1	43a_slashredir.0.8.16.patch
+1	44_ident.0.8.16.patch (conditional)
This patch creates warning on BSDI_1.1, SunOS_4.1.3, and NetBSD_1.1 
from the following declarations. Declaring this to be struct sockaddr
works on all of these platforms. My hunch is that this will cause
warnings on more machines than not. A quick look at HPsUX shows that
that parameter for getsockname() is a void *. The condition is that
this get cleared by whomever rolls the release. I would be happy to
volunteer to do this if no one else fights me for it.

+1	45_dbm_groups.0.8.16.patch
+1	46.dbmmanage_group.0.8.16.patch
> 	*IF* the release builder can modify the "usage" documentation to mention
> 	this enhancement.

+1	47.allow.0.8.16.patch
+1	48.log-ssi.0.8.16.patch
+1	50.imagemap.0.8.16.patch
+1	51.requires.0.8.16.patch
+1	52.extralibs.0.8.16.patch
+1	53.README_enhancement.0.8.16.patch

There was also a 51.redirect* in that directory yesterday. What's the

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