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From Andrew <>
Subject votes on patches
Date Sun, 19 Nov 1995 15:31:54 GMT

Tested on FreeBSD 2.0.5 with gcc.

+1	40_tz.0.8.16.patch
+1	41_getparents.0.8.16.patch
+1	42_cert.no2slash.0.8.16.patch
 0	43_slashredir.0.8.16.patch
+1	43a_slashredir.0.8.16.patch
 0	44_ident.0.8.16.patch

	Wups.  Can someone improve this?

	compiler warning:

	gcc -c -O2 -DXBITHACK -m486 http_main.c
	http_main.c: In function `child_main':
	http_main.c:786: warning: passing arg 2 of `getsockname' from incompatible pointer type

	Note: from 'man getsockname' on FreeBSD we get:

	     getsockname(int s, struct sockaddr *name, int *namelen)

	I mean, it seems to work (had to install inetd to test it even),
	but I think we just got lucky.

	Dave R sez:
	ChangeLog: Ensure that rfc931() is given a sockaddr describing the 
	local address (virtual host) that is currently in use.
	Comments: Before this patch, rfc931() was passed as the 
	local address; on some systems bind() managed to correctly choose 
	the IP address for the virtual host currently in use!

	Well, FreeBSD seems to be able to cope with or without the patch,
	when using as one of the virtual hosts (yeah it did serve
	up a different document root so the VH code is being called)

	Question: what exactly indicates that this bug is present, do the
	log files screw up?  How do we test for this situation?

+1	45_dbm_groups.0.8.16.patch
+1	46.dbmmanage_group.0.8.16.patch
+1	47.allow.0.8.16.patch
+1	48.log-ssi.0.8.16.patch
 0	50.imagemap.0.8.16.patch

	i don't use imagemaps

+1	51.requires.0.8.16.patch
+1	52.extralibs.0.8.16.patch
+1	53.README_enhancement.0.8.16.patch

	It still isn't enough to tell a complete novice how to get the beast
	working straight out of the box, they'll need to refer to other
	docs to have a reasonable chanse of success.  Doesn't mention proposed
	naming convention for binaries:  httpd_<OS> for 'httpd', the fact that
	binary dists wont have anything called 'httpd' in them will confuse
	the clueless, but seeing as the authoratative doc set is webbed
	then there's no need for README to be fantastically complete.


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