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From sameer <>
Subject Re: another idea
Date Sat, 18 Nov 1995 22:23:11 GMT
	Not a problem for those outside the US. Correct. For those
within the US, I am working on it. I just received a copy of the
commercial use RSAREF license yesterday and will be talking to the
folks at Consensus Development next week to work out details.

	There's quite a bit that needs to be done to make commercial
use legal within the US. The RSAREF license requires the rsaref source
*not* be distributed with the bundled product, only the object code.
My Apache/SSL non-commercial release includes full source, but the
commercial release apparently can't. Hopefully Consensus will provide
me with object code for all the major platforms, because I don't have
access to all the platforms to compile the rsaref source into object
code myself.

	There is also the issues RC4 (I think Consensus will give
me RC4 object code) to be dealt with. will have information once I have
signed the license with Consensus. I think I will need to run the
license past you folks first to make sure that in meeting the RSAREF
license restrictions I am not violating the Apache license
restrictions. (And if a commercial use license would violate the
Apache license, I will ask for an exception.)

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