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From (Robert S. Thau)
Subject votes on current patches
Date Sat, 18 Nov 1995 17:00:14 GMT
Votes on the current contents of for_Apache_0.8.16:

+1 40_tz.0.8.16.patch
+1 41_getparents.0.8.16.patch
+1 42_cert.no2slash.0.8.16.patch
-1 43_slashredir.0.8.16.patch --- I've already explained my reasons for
   this at *great* length.  In brief:

   I agree that there is a gotcha here for the unwary, but 43a fixes
   that without causing any new problems, and this patch *does* cause
   new problems.

+1 43a_slashredir.0.8.16.patch

+0 44_ident.0.8.16.patch --- modifies code in #ifdefs for LINUX and NEXT,
   which may be a portability problem for those systems (NB NEXT has been
   troublesome generally); I'm testing it on SunOS, but I'd need to know
   it had been tested on those as well before giving it a +1.

   (I'd also feel far more comfortable with it if I knew it had been
   independantly tested by someone who uses identd).

+1 45_dbm_groups.0.8.16.patch
+0 46.dbmmanage_group.0.8.16.patch - I don't use dbmmanage
+1 47.allow.0.8.16.patch
+1 48.log-ssi.0.8.16.patch
+1 50.imagemap.0.8.16.patch
+1 51.requires.0.8.16.patch --- Note --- I misnamed this initially.
   It has nothing to do with redirects.  Sorry 'bout that.


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