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From sameer <>
Subject Apache/SSL available for beta testing within the US
Date Mon, 06 Nov 1995 04:32:51 GMT
	I've put together a hopefully easy-to-install apache/ssl
package using Ben's apache/ssl stuff. (I also fixed the imagemap
module to work with apache/ssl and a few other changes.) It is
available for beta-testing to US-persons only at -- read
the file /pub/README.US-only to get access to the good stuff.

	If I'm violating any sort of licensing/didn't put enough
legalese-type stuff to make you folks happy, please tell me and I'll
be happy to fix any bugs. (Either in the legalese portion of the thing
or the technical portion of the thing.)

	It's only using v0.8.14 -- I'll probably stay with 0.8.14
until 1.0 comes out.

	Please don't export. Thanks.

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