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From Aram Mirzadeh <>
Subject Re: double slashes (was Re: WWW Form Bug Report: "Security bug involving ScriptAliased directories" on Linux)
Date Sun, 05 Nov 1995 20:33:57 GMT
>   This _is_ a bug, and should be fixed.
> I have come to disagree.  I see no bug here --- and certainly no reason
> to incorporate "fixes" (such as either "ban //" hack) which will unduly
> inconvenience current users of my site, or which unduly complicate the
> code.

This is like the bug->feature thing that many programs go through.  It's not 
a feature.  It is a bug, it was never ment to do what you're asking it to do.  
IMHO, we should fix the bug, and figure out a way to redo your pages so they
act the same. 



			       Aram Mirzadeh,

	43rd Law of Computing:
        	Anything that can go wr
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