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From "Aram W. Mirzadeh" <>
Subject [No Subject]
Date Fri, 03 Nov 1995 18:35:57 GMT

Found this... I like the 2nd idea.. maybe put it in for 1.1?


In comp.infosystems.www.servers.unix,
(Jason A. Dour) wrote:

>Here's a few ideas I've been pondering regarding enhancing Apache.  I
>currently am running 0.8.14, and have already coded the first of my

>1.  Finer control over Includes (i.e. individual switches for ALL,
>    CGI, and EXEC).  I've patched in a new OPTION, ExecCGI that allows
>    execution includes...but only of "cgi" references.  To do this
>    however, the OPTIONS space must be increased from 8 bits.  To
>    do this in my patch, I've expanded the OPTIONS from int's to long
>    int's.  I've been told (a while back) by the Apache boys that
>    increasing the option space was eventually going to come to pass
>    but they weren't sure when.  It's been two or three releases
>    since then, and still I'm stuck with eight bits.  8(  This
>    would be a WONDERFUL feature...  This one I have already coded,
>    but would like to see it included.

>2.  Putting an option in place that would allow CGI processes to
>    be set to the UID of the owner of the file.  This would allow
>    for open CGI areas, but would keep them from deleting data,
>    programs, etc that do not belong to them.  This would be quite
>    a nice *internal* feature as opposed to some external program
>    such as the ones floating around on the net currently.  I have
>    yet to delve into the code to worry about this one...

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