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From Randy Terbush <>
Subject Re: Vote summary for 0.8.15
Date Fri, 03 Nov 1995 15:38:26 GMT
> > Outstanding problems:
> > 1. // in paths
> > 2. The #include file=xxx problem. Randy seems to have disappeared from this
> >    list. If this problem is not fixed, then the compatibility notes will
> >    need a big notice stating:
> > 
> Sorry for my silence. I sent a response immediately to David's request
> that I change my vote, but discover now that it fell on the floor...
> My comment in short was:
> I don't want to change my vote.

To follow-up my own mail... Having looked at 1.3 and other documentation,
I will change my vote on this to +1. I don't agree with the interpretation 
of the tags, but it appears that there is precidence.

To pose a related question.

How are we going to allow access to files outside of documentroot
when we need to?  One possible application I have had in the back
of my mind has been for accounting/administration related files,
configuration files etc.  Admitedly there are other ways to do this,
but this appears to be one of them.

+1 31a_

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