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From (David Robinson)
Subject Re: Call for votes on patches to 0.8.15
Date Tue, 31 Oct 1995 11:52:00 GMT
Randy wrote:
>-1 31a_include.0.8.15.patch     I don't agree with the interpretation of 
>                                how this should work. This would break much
>                                of my include usage by not allowing relative
>                                paths, or paths to files anywhere under
>                                DOCUMENTROOT. I agree that it should not have
>                                access to files anywhere on the system.
>                                virtual != relative

Sigh. Can we be absolutely clear about what you are doing?
Since 0.8, you have been using relative and absolute paths in e.g.
<!--#include file="../inc/zzz" --> directives?

The feature you want is ALREADY available using 
<!--#include virtual="../inc/zzz" -->

except that currently access to files anywhere on the system IS allowed
by using of the file tag. The patch is a security patch to remove that
loophole. It preserves the relative includes using the virtual tag.


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