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From (David Robinson)
Subject Re: Bug ?in Apache 0.8.14
Date Wed, 25 Oct 1995 17:22:00 GMT
>  There's a better solution, (though a much larger patch). I'll try to
>  finish it today.
>There is a better solution, in the form of DBM group files, which
>people with really large group databases should probably be using
>anyway.  In the meantime, Ben's patch gives people with backwards
>compatibility problems something that works until they convert.

No it doesn't. The problem does not just occur for people with
`really large DBM group files'.

A small group file with only a thousand entries; Apache 0.6.5 can read this
file in a negligable amount of time. No need for a DBM file. Yet 0.8.15 with
Ben's patch takes several seconds, and logs to the error_log that it used
7.4MB in the process.

Any more entries (say twice as many), and 0.8.15 falls in a heap
(after trying to use ~ 30Mb of memory). One of the original bug reporters
had a textual file with 20,000 users that he was satisfactorily using with
0.6.5. Even our 256Mb servers would have a problem with that under 
patched 0.8.15.

I do not consider this 'working'.

Apart from anything else, the patch does not actually fix the problem.


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