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From (David Robinson)
Subject Re: SSL/Apache
Date Tue, 17 Oct 1995 17:31:00 GMT
Sameer wrote:
        You're in the UK?

>1) RSA isn't patented within the UK
>2) There are no US restrictions on import of crypto
>Therefore, it is completely legal to distribute your work from any ftp
>site outside of the united states, to anyone. 

Your assumptions do not justify your conclusion, and your conclusion is
likely to be incorrect. You are assuming that other states do not have laws
governing cryptographic software; this assumption is false.

>There is the issue of you possibly being liable for contributory infringement
>if you give it to people within the US, but if you make it easy to pug RSAref
>into your code, then you can tell people that they can't use your code
>within the us w/o plugging RSAref into it. Then you're set. Completely
>legal. No worries.

This is very niave. For the majority of countries, you should be worried
about exporting cryptographic software. I understand that South Africa
is one of the few exceptions.


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