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From (David Robinson)
Subject Re: Formal geteuid patch...
Date Thu, 05 Oct 1995 12:56:00 GMT
>        I offered a version of this patch to to fix things
>        temporarily, and I've uploaded it
>                to:
>                called: nn_geteuid.apache_0.8.14.patch

I've copied this to 18_geteuid.apache_0.8.14.patch

Note that I've also uploaded 17_const.0.8.14.patch
  Subject: Remove some -Wwrite-strings warnings
  Affects: mod_include.c, http_log.h, http_log.c, alloc.h, alloc.c,
           http_main.h, http_main.c, httpd.h, util.c, http_request.c,
           http_protocol.h, http_protocol.c
  ChangeLog: Add const to prototypes to remove warnings about passing
             static strings
  Comment: There's more to be done after this patch, but this is enough
           to be going on with.


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