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From (David Robinson)
Subject New patches for 0.8.14
Date Mon, 02 Oct 1995 18:31:00 GMT
The following patches uploaded:
  Subject: Unnecessary define in httpd.h
  Affects: httpd.h
  ChangeLog: Delete MAX_SECURITY define in httpd.h

  Subject: Reduce number of error log file descriptors
  Affects: http_log.c
  ChangeLog: Only open as many error logs are there are different error log
  Comment: Users with many (O(500)) virtual hosts run out of file descriptors;
           even setrlimit cannot save them. This allows them to reduce the
           number of open files by sharing error logs between virtual hosts.

  Subject: Fix feature test for setrlimit()
  Affects: http_log.c
  ChangeLog: Support setrlimit on architectures other than BSD.
  Comment: Use of setrlimit was #ifdef BSD && RLIMIT_NOFILE; the test on BSD is
           redundant. The inclusion of sys/resource.h was #ifdef BSD, and so
           was not included on non-BSD architectures.
           With this patch, sys/resource.h is included if HAVE_RESOURCE is
           defined to 1. The default value of HAVE_RESOURCE is set to 1
           on BSD systems, 0 on non-BSD systems. This preserves the original
           The patch also sets HAVE_RESOURCE to 1 for Solaris, which provides
           Summary: no change for any architecture except Solaris, which now
           calls setrlimit.


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