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From Brian Behlendorf <>
Subject Re: LICENSE
Date Wed, 18 Oct 1995 06:28:21 GMT
On Thu, 21 Sep 1995, Roy Fielding wrote:
> >BTW, any chance of getting the NeXT people to pay the expenses that
> >Brian mentioned the other day ?.. it's peanuts to them and will show
> >a sign of good-will.
> Yes!  I had the exact same thought while riding the elevator down
> for another can of Dr. Pepper (it's been a looong week).  Maybe
> Cliff or Brian (when he gets back) can wander over and ask them
> for help in setting up a non-profit organization -- it's tax-deductible
> and incredibly good PR.

(following up on old email)

I've seen a couple other companies express interest in helping fund the 
project, if only to ensure that it remains a stable and featureful 
server.  My response has generally been that companies that want to 
dedicate resources should dedicate engineering time to the apache 
developers' list instead.  

The "expenses" related to maintaining the Apache list are minimal - the 
$50/year associated with the domain name, the bandwidth and CPU 
associated with distributing this list and the server itself, are about 
it.  That's not even worth itemizing.  The only thing I'd like to have 
that we don't right now is some sort of cross-platform testing 
suite/hardware setup, so patches can be tested simultaneously on a bevy 
of platforms and configurations... but I think we could emulate that if 
we wanted and were organized enough.  I also don't think, even with 
donations, a programmer could be hired and paid to work 100% on Apache 
code.  So, I guess I really don't see the point in trying to accept money 
when we don't have a coherent use to put it to.  Instead, companies 
should be encouraged to donate engineer time and resources like just 
about everyone here has.  


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