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From Brian Behlendorf <>
Subject Re: SSL/Apache
Date Mon, 16 Oct 1995 23:30:54 GMT
On Mon, 16 Oct 1995, Ben Laurie wrote:
> Now, does anyone have any serious suggestions as to how we deal with this?

1) mail the SSL-development mailing list.  I'm sure you'll find 
compatriots who'll help you test it.  I wish I had the SSL-dev address 
handy - anyone?

2) find a place to safely redistribute it.  Someone mentioned South 

3) write an FAQ on how to use it - both what needs to be accomplished 
(license from RSA - or wait, was it Cylink now... ? - digital 
certificate from Verisign) and how to install it and test it with 
Netscape.  Look at the pages surrounding the support of SSL in NCSA's 
httpd (unofficial patches, etc) for some hints.

First though, which files did you need to patch?  I'm supposing it wasn't 
possible to implement as a module, but is there a way we could have 
extended the API to support it?  I'm thinking along the lines of making 
sure the patch can stay unchanged even if the core code of Apache changes 

You can put whatever copyright you want on it since it won't be 
distributed with the Apache source code.


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