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From Brian Behlendorf <>
Subject Re: imap fix...
Date Wed, 04 Oct 1995 21:07:23 GMT
On Wed, 4 Oct 1995, Randy Terbush wrote:
> > I was running into a bug where the Location: returned for some imagemap
> > accesses was not a complete URL, but a relative one - Netscape handled it
> > fine (aarg!  in violation of the spec) but other conforming browsers didn't
> > like it (funny watching XMosaic try and FTP to "." :) Turns out this was just
> > for "default" entries - Randy (and other imagemap gurus) - what do you think
> > of this fix? 
> I see a problem if 'base_uri' is not set. 

Yup, base_uri was not set.  Want to keep these portable to other 
imap-supporting servers...

> The 'base_uri' field was
> considered optional. It looks like you would only be having a problem
> IF 'default' is a relative URL?  

Yes, I should have made that clear.

> Also, if you are trying to do 'ftp'
> from the map, it's not properly supported. 

Nope, my comment about XMosaic trying to FTP to "." was that that was 
how XMosaic decided to respond to the header

Location: /some/file

instead of

Location: http://host/some/file

> This was brought to my
> attention recently. I thought I would add it along with some of the
> new features in the imagemap.c that Tony Sanders pointed to, as well
> as take a look at the polygon code that was recently sent to the list
> *after* 1.0 is released.

My fix feels like a bug fix though... if we're doing one more build 
before 1.0 it should make it in.  Should I submit the patch formally?


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