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From Richard Freilich <>
Subject Re: Bug ?in Apache 0.8.14
Date Wed, 25 Oct 1995 17:41:42 GMT
On Wed, 25 Oct 1995, Robert S. Thau wrote:

>   There's a better solution, (though a much larger patch). I'll try to
>   finish it today.
> There is a better solution, in the form of DBM group files, which
> people with really large group databases should probably be using
> anyway.  In the meantime, Ben's patch gives people with backwards
> compatibility problems something that works until they convert.
> I don't feel that large patches to anything are appropriate at this
> point in time, particularly not in security sensitive code, and
> *particularly* not when very simple, working alternatives are
> available.  Performance improvements can wait for the next round.
> rst

Patch posted doesn't work.  Still fails to authorize anybody except for 
users on the final line of a group file.  Tested it on a file with three 
lines, one user per line, so memory was not an issue.


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